TAXI-SFB Scrapbook




Just recently I picked up Debbie Evens and her family in Sanford, when they arrived on Allegiant Air, and took them to Walt Disney World. They are from Wichita, Kansas. As you can see they had to be picked up early in the morning. In fact 0430. We arrived at the Sanford Airport at 0530 so you can see it is still dark.

I am sorry that I didn't get everyone's names, but, Debbie, if you see this and want me to include everyone's name just e-mail and I will take care of it.




And this is the Huber family. They are from the Des Moines area. They found this website, flew in on Allegiant and I met them in the lobby of the airport. Once we got their luggage we headed to the Disney resorts.

One of the biggest reasons I drive, and everyone knows who rides with me is that I am retired, is that I get to meet such wonderful families like the Hubers. They thing about it is that I get to talk with everyone a whole hour before I get you to the resorts. 

I hope you had a great trip back. Thank you for riding with me.

    If I have ever wondered why I think about my earlier years when I spent six weeks in England while I was in the Air Force, this family confirmed why I still remember those days and an old girlfriend with such affection.

    Brian, Joan, Angela, Trevor, Jane, Ben and Sarah Williams came the day before Hurricane Charley rampaged through Orlando. It left this place in a mess but we had the Williams to brighten our week after that. They were so much fun to be with and take to the different resorts that it made the fortnight fly by to fast. I couldn't believe it when, on the last day, I was headed to Kissimmee to take them back to the airport and home.

     When I got to Bernie's Villa I could tell it was going to be a sad farewell. It was and I have already missed seeing them in the mornings.   

      I can't tell just what this family meant to me. They really suffered through some pretty tough times, with no electricity for almost 8 days, and destruction everywhere we went. Like Brian said, "we are survivors." They were survivors and I will surely think of them each day as I meet new friends.

     Thank you for everything Brian, Joan, Trevor, Angela, Jane, Ben and Sarah. You guys were great.




  Martin and Annette Smirk with their kids Matt - 16 and Brad - 13 just left Florida back to good old England. They sure taught me a few new things I didn't know.
   The I-drive trolly must be a lot of fun. In fact shortly I am going to include the information on this site so everyone else will know about it.
   Again it was a sad parting as I dropped them back in Sanford for their trip home. I enjoyed so much meeting them.
   Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you and your wonderful family.

Ed Korgan


  The Lawson's, Scott, Leslie, Grant, 15 and Robert from Scotland were real happy with their trip to Orlando and Disney World. They spent their time on the Disney property at Port Orleans Riverside. I think they will be back here within the next couple of years because they had so much fun.
   I could tell the boys didn't want to go back home because all we talked about going back to Sanford was the different parks. I think the Animal Kingdom was Robert's favorite hangout as he talked about that the most.
   I sure do thank the Lawson family for asking me to be their transportation to Disney World. It was a great experience meeting this wonderful family.









     Peter and JulieWright with their daughter Rosemary and friend Anika Drage visited the U.S. and Disney in August. We met in Sanford and hit it off right than. It was an honor to be able to help them in their transportation needs to and from the Sanford airport.
   I am looking forward to doing the same for them if they ever get a chance to come back to Florida.
   And Thanks again

   Ed Korgan 




   I have the Josh Family: Keith, Daryl, Emily and Aimee on my Friends for Life list. It was almost like I sent my own family back to England and won't get to see them again for a while.
   The Josh's had a great time staying on International Drive and hitting all the parks. Their vacation was all we talked about on the way back to the Sanford Airport. Thank you for letting me take care of your transportation.
    It certainly is a great time when I get to meet  new friends from all over the world.

Ed Korgan




   Steve, Julie, Corinne and (shy) Courtney Combs, from England, were in contact with me two months before they finally got over here to Disney World. When I picked them up they were all smiles and completely tuckered out from their two weeks in the land of the mouse.
   You could certainly tell the Comb's were satisfied with their trip. We talked about the different rides and how much fun the kids  had on the rides and each one's favorite rides.
   Probably the most exciting feeling for me is to get families like Steve and Julie's over here and I get to talk and help them everyway I can. I look forward to seeing them again in a couple of years and see how their kids have grown.
   Thank you Steve and Julie!

Ed Korgan


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