Travel Agency Information has developed a program which will help travel agents to secure transportation for their clients. The transportation has no limits to its travel. The system does not limit itself to the vacation resorts. The drivers are qualified drivers with many years of experience. Their vehicles are clean. The system has in its inventory sedans, town cars and large passenger vans. The client will be met on the baggage claim floor by a driver, helped with the luggage and than will be led directly to his vehicle for transportation to his destination.  There are no ticket booths to look for, no waiting for the vehicle to get in, no crowds to ride with, no four or five stops on the way and minimum amount of travel time from the airports. This is a few steps up from the regular shuttles that currently provide transportation from the Sanford airport.

     The Travel Agency will be able to merge the transportation into its vacation package and be assured that the client will be taken care of at his destination. The voucher will not be paid until the client has reached his destination and signed the voucher.

     For additional information and the address of the web site that carries complete details about this program contact:




     If you would like to view the drivers that are already associated with this programs follow this link.

                                                     Travel Agency Qualified Drivers


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